The City is the Future

The Jagged Word By Joel A. Hess – Gloriosissimam ciuitatem Dei siue in hoc temporum cursu– Augustine, City of God I love Chicago, but it’s not for everyone. Masses of people are walking, driving, running, yelling, pushing, and crying 24/7. It’s busy and cramped. A large city is humanity on steroids or under a microscope.Continue reading “The City is the Future”

Happy Father’s Day! It’s ok to be a Joseph

  Happy Father’s Day! It’s ok to be a Joseph You don’t hear much about Joseph. He just disappears after the birth of our Lord. Reappears for a moment when Jesus scares his parents by staying in His real Father’s house, then gone again. We call him Saint Joseph, but what did he really do?Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day! It’s ok to be a Joseph”

Christmas is for the naughty list!

We all know how Santa thinks. He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. Of course this encourages us to be on the nice list and get our reward. This is a good technique for creating civil righteousness, that is outwardContinue reading “Christmas is for the naughty list!”

Good Friday: Welcome to your funeral

Welcome. On behalf of the family of the deceased I would like to thank you for being here. You have come to a funeral of sorts haven’t you? Well, that’s what they say I suppose. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to your own funeral? Zhang Deyang was 66 yearsContinue reading “Good Friday: Welcome to your funeral”

Don’t shun the Darkness. Shine

Social media makes us mad. People say crazy things. Every time we open our Facebook, we frown at ignorant posts regarding this or that sin. Well maybe not ‘we’, how about ‘me.’ I am so tempted to curse it all, to lash out in anger, to throw a heaping bowl of truth on their party!Continue reading “Don’t shun the Darkness. Shine”

The Prize of Individualism: Loneliness

The general philosophy of our culture has drifted, well more like a free jumped, into an individualism that not even Nietzsche could have predicted. Though the guilty parties may not just be the usual suspects of those sinister existentialist Europeans. Surely John Stuart Mill and other mainstream red blooded Americans pushed the glories of individualism.Continue reading “The Prize of Individualism: Loneliness”

Christmas: an unplanned pregnancy, an unwanted King

This December people across the world are setting up idyllic manger scenes on pianos and below Christmas trees. Marys and Josephs bend down toward the perfect looking child while well groomed animals, shepherds and angels peer upon the holy family. Every Creche upon this globe promotes a serenity and peacefulness that rises above the chaosContinue reading “Christmas: an unplanned pregnancy, an unwanted King”