The City is the Future

The Jagged Word

By Joel A. Hess

ciuitatem Dei siue in hoc temporum cursu
– Augustine, City of God

I love Chicago, but
it’s not for everyone. Masses of people are walking, driving, running, yelling,
pushing, and crying 24/7. It’s busy and cramped. A large city is humanity on
steroids or under a microscope. Everything good and bad stuffed into a small
box, so that’s all we see.

So needless to say, when
a lot of people think of eternity, they don’t really like to imagine living
forever in a city. Certainly my friends from northern Michigan would agree. A
city is smelly, congested, and loud. We all sort of default to an imagination
of heaven as being wide open spaces. For some reason, when someone dies, we
often like to say, “He’s probably out fishing.”

By the way, if you
want your kids to reject God, tell them that in…

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Published by joel allen hess

words, languages, colors and sounds, smells and tastes, Christ salvation and looking for the consummation, in the meantime struggle, suffer yet don't be afraid to raise a glass when a reprieve comes your way

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